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No Agenda Episode 410

By Adam Curry. Posted Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 12:30 PM.

Cover Art

By Adam Curry. Posted Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 12:30 PM.

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Art By: Brad Connell

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By Adam Curry. Posted Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 12:30 PM.

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Gay Gate

Ministry of Truth

Congressmen Seek To Lift Propaganda Ban

The upshot, at times, is the Department of Defense using the same tools on U.S. citizens as on a hostile, foreign, population.

A U.S. Army whistleblower, Lieutenant Col. Daniel Davis, noted recently in his scathing 84-page unclassified report on Afghanistan that there remains a strong desire within the defense establishment "to enable Public Affairs officers to influence American public opinion when they deem it necessary to "protect a key friendly center of gravity, to wit US national will," he wrote, quoting a well-regarded general.

The defense bill passed the House Friday afternoon.

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Pres Obama Continues America's Perpetual State Of Emergency - [VIDEO]

The Vetting - Exclusive - Obama's Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: 'Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii'


Ex-ECB Chief Trichet Unveils Bold Plan to Save Euro - Europe Business News - CNBC - CNBC

Europe could strengthen its monetary union by giving European politicians the power to declare a sovereign state bankrupt and take over its fiscal policy, the former head of the European Central Bank said on Thursday in unveiling a bold proposal to salvage the euro.

Trichet said the building blocks already are in place for moving ahead with his fiscal plan.

Countries have agreed to surveillance of each other's budgets and they have agreed to levy fines on countries that run excessive budget deficits, giving them fiscal oversight authority.

The next step would be to take a country into receivership when its political leaders or its parliament cannot implement sound budgetary policies approved by the EU. The action would have democratic accountability if it were approved by the European Council of EU heads of states and the elected European Parliament, he said.

The idea earned a warm reception from leading economists and prominent Europeans attending the session.

"It is a very radical proposal, couched as a modest step," said Richard Cooper, international economist at Harvard.

Caio Koch Weser, former German economics minister, said he found it "very attractive" because it addresses the problem of a strong European Central Bank, a weak European Commission which acts as the EU's executive branch, and a confused European Council, which provides political leadership.

Haiku Herman-Whatever it takes!



New opium production bodes ill for Afghan security | McClatchy

A massive spike in the price of opium, the result of a shortage due to a disease that attacked poppy crops in 2010, hasn't helped.

Opium, which had sold for up to $165 per kilogram, now fetches as much as $400 per kilogram, explained Dinarkhel, who waved a sheaf of papers that he said were broken pledges not to grow poppy signed by farmers across the province.

The massive profits have generated massive corruption, according to the elders. They charged that local and provincial officials conspire with farmers to eradicate only small portions of their crops in return for bribes and shares in the proceeds.

Gitmo Nation



President Obama discusses some of the issues on the agenda for the first working session of the G8 meeting at Camp David.

President Obama Speaks on Food Security at G8 Meeting | The White House


Supremacy Clause - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Against All Enemies: Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST)

Defeat Law of the Sea Treaty -- Again - Phyllis Schlafly - Townhall Conservative Columnists

an outfit called the Atlantic Council held a forum to promote the discredited Law of the Sea Treaty. As former Republican U.S. Sens. Chuck Hagel and John Warner beamed their approval, Obama's Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta declared that "the time has come" for the Senate to ratify the treaty.

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton warns us that the Law of the Sea Treaty is even more dangerous now than when President Ronald Reagan rejected it: "With China emerging as a major power, ratifying the treaty now would encourage Sino-American strife, constrain U.S. naval activities, and do nothing to resolve China's expansive maritime territorial claims." Bolton warns that LOST will give China the excuse to deny U.S. access to what China claims is its "Exclusive Economic Zone" extending 200 miles out into international waters.

Atlantic Council Mission | Atlantic Council

The Atlantic Council- promotes constructive U.S. leadership and engagement in international affairs based on the central role of the Atlantic community in me­eting the international challenges of the 21st century. The Council embodies a non-partisan network of leaders who aim to bring ideas to power and to give power to ideas by:

stimulating dialogue and discussion about critical international issues with a view to enriching public debate and promoting consensus on appropriate responses in the Administration, the Congress, the corporate and nonprofit sectors, and the media in the United States and among leaders in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas;

conducting educational and exchange programs for successor generations of U.S. leaders so that they will come to value U.S. international engagement and have the knowledge and understanding necessary to develop effective policies.

Through its diverse networks, the Council builds broad constituencies to support constructive U.S. leadership and policies. Its program offices publish informational analyses, convene conferences among current and/or future leaders, and contribute to the public debate in order to integrate the views of knowledgeable individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, interests and experiences.

Board of Directors | Atlantic Council

Panetta speaks at LOST


Clinton, Obama, UN To Tell Us How To Raise Our Children at

Twenty years ago, during the Clinton Administration, the Senate refused to ratify the treaty. But now it is being pushed by Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA).

The Treaty, literally, tells us how to raise our children. And it would be legally enforceable in American courts under the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution. Only a constitutional amendment could supersede the "rights" it confers on children:

* It bans spanking or any form of corporal punishment of children.

* Article 12 of the Treaty says "when adults are making decisions which affect children, children have the right to say what they think should happen and have their opinion taken into account." Could this proviso establish a due process right of children to challenge their parents' divorce or their decision to move?

* Worried that your children are hanging out with a bad bunch? Article 15 guarantees children "freedom of association." It says "Children have the right to meet together and to join groups and organizations, as long as it does not stop other people from enjoying their rights."

* The Treaty would stop states from trying children as adults and incarcerating them with adult inmates. It would require that even murderers in their teens be sent to children's facilities rather than prison. Article 37 says "children should not be put in prison with adults."

The Treaty requires all signatory nations to provide children with adequate levels of food, clothing, housing, education and medical care. In Britain, Prime Minister Cameroon is facing a lawsuit for violating the Rights of the Child Treaty by proposing a cut in welfare benefits.

It also obliges rich nations to "help poorer countries achieve the best health care possible, safe drinking water, nutritious food, and a clean and safe environment for children." Enforceable in US courts, this provision might create a basis for judicial decisions ordering increases in foreign aid, just as courts now order steps to address overcrowding of prisons.


Assessing the risk of climate change - CBS News Video

The past 12 months were the hottest on record, and forecasters are predicting high temperatures across the U.S. this summer. Science and environment contributor M. Sanjayan explains the risk of climate change.

M. Sanjayan

Conservation Science at The Nature Conservancy-Sanjayan | The Nature Conservancy

Sanjayan's scientific work has been published in journals including Science, Nature, and Conservation Biology, and he co-edited the book Connectivity Conservation (Cambridge University Press, 2006). He frequently speaks at internationally recognized venues, including the World Forum on Sustainable Development, International Women's Forum, and TED Global 2010. He is a Catto Fellow with the Aspen Institute.

Sanjayan's work has received extensive print media coverage -- from Vanity Fair to National Geographic Adventure, Outside to The New York Times. In 2007, he was named and featured as one of Men's Journal's "Heroes of 2007." He is a frequent guest on NBC's Today Show and has appeared on the "Late Show with David Letterman."

He has also co-hosted documentaries for the Discovery Channel (Mysteries of the Shark Coast, Expedition Alaska), BBC (Wildlife in a War-Zone), and featured in National Geographic TV (Earth Report 2009). His newest effort, hosting a four-part series on energy for Discovery Channel (Powering the Future) is scheduled to air July 2010.

When not at work, Sanjayan can be found either trekking in Africa or fly-fishing in Western Montana, where he tries to live.

Awards: Catto Fellow, Aspen Institute; Past Elected Governor Society for Conservation Biology

Board of Directors | The Nature Conservancy

Form 990 2011

What Could the Watson Supercomputer Be Used For?

Watson's data analysis capabilities could identify weather patterns more accurately, the first-place team proposed. By gathering weather and census data, the technology could help organizations respond faster and allocate resources more efficiently when rough weather comes their way.

The second-place team suggested that Watson's cognitive reasoning abilities could help energy companies spend their resources more effectively when exploring where to mine. They could also evaluate the environmental impact of that mining.

Watson also could be applied to airport travel, according to the third place-team. By analyzing large data sets, Watson technology could increase security and cut back on wait time.

These proposals could help policymakers better handle information during natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the tsunami in Japan or fires.-

So-called "big data" allows marketers to figure out how to price and position products more effectively. And it gives managers the scientific data they need to make decisions.

In this contest, these students practiced what the school preaches:-Frame the problem, analyze the potential solutions and communicate the best possible ones.

A version of this story originally appeared on our sister publication Converge.

Shut Up Slave!

Canadia Naked Protesters

Montreal protest declared illegal after Molotov cocktail - Montreal - CBC News

Authorities cracked down on thousands of protesters flooding downtown Montreal near the Berri-√ôQAM metro station after Molotov cocktails were thrown.

Police declared the protest march illegal at 9:54 p.m. after several fire devices were thrown from the crowd, near St-Laurent and René-Levesque Boulevards.

Bill 78

Canadian GLA Stephen Fink's analysis:

In the morning Adam,

A few weeks ago I wrote to you about our students and government here in Gitmo Nation Poutine head-butting, and the resulting nearly naked protesters. No progress has been made, and it's actually looking much, much worse.

So now, instead of negotiating, our inept government has put forth a bill that does nothing to address the original issue (rising tuition fees), but that would gives the government ridiculous powers to shut down protests and demonstrations:

Inspired by the high quality analysis of the Curry-Dvorak GLA's I decided to read the bill myself...

I particularly like (read:am scared shitless by)

- Section 9, where the minister gets the powers to change this act or ANY OTHER ACT to ensure classes aren't interrupted

- Section 16, where police need your itinerary 8 hours in advance for demonstrations, and the police can decide to move your demonstration to another location "to maintain peace, order, and public security"

- Section 23, where if any additional costs are incurred by the state (and I'm assuming extra police coverage will count as "additional costs") are counted as damages... add that to section 22, where student associations are "solidarily liable" for actions of individuals (see section 13, which is *shocker* really, really broad), now throw in some penalties of up to $125,000 per day, if I'm reading section 25 right, and you've got a nice recipe for draining monies from the student associations.

- Section 33, where the Minister gets what she wants, when she wants it, or else section 28 slaps crazy fines on your ass.

- It lasts until July 2013 - probably long enough to be used against other demonstrating groups in an upcoming election.

Hopefully this thing won't get enacted, but if it does we'll just have to find a way to have many, many non-"concerted action" demonstrations of fewer than 10 people all at the same... WTF!

More Violence In The Streets Of Montreal - [VIDEO]


Follow the Pipes


NDAA 2013

NDAA 2013 Headed to Full House; Smith/Amash Amendment Offered

Bill Summary & Status Search Results - THOMAS (Library of Congress)

Judge suspends US law that provided for indefinite detention without trial - Boing Boing

"This court is acutely aware that preliminarily enjoining an act of Congress must be done with great caution," she wrote. "However, it is the responsibility of our judicial system to protect the public from acts of Congress which infringe upon constitutional rights. As set forth above, this court has found that plaintiffs have shown a likelihood of success on the merits regarding their constitutional claim and it therefore has a responsibility to insure that the public's constitutional rights are protected."

In a phone conference, the plaintiffs' attorneys Bruce Afran and Carl Mayer hailed what they called a "complete victory." "America is more free today than it was yesterday due to the courageous and righteous and very sound ruling by Judge Forrest," Mayer said. "I think this is a hugely significant development... I think it's also a testament to the courage of the plaintiffs here."

Chris Hedges - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chris Hedges: NDAA Ruling 'Monumental Decision' - [VIDEO]

Louie Gohmert Explains Why Indefinite Detention Without Trial Is Just Fine - [VIDEO]



Harvard to be tried for research fraud

The US Court of Appeals, 1st Circuit has overturned a summary judgement by a lower court ordering a whistleblower lawsuit filed by Dr. Kenneth Jones against Harvard Medical School, its teaching hospitals, Brigham and Women's and Massachusetts General Hospital, and Dr. Marilyn Albert (Principal Investigator) and Dr. Ronald Killiany to proceed to trial.

The case involves the largest Alzheimer’s disease [AD] research grants awarded by the National Institutes of Health (from 1980 through 2007) for a large project aimed at identifying early physical signs of Alzheimer’s by scanning certain regions of the brain with MRIs.

Dr. Jones was the chief statistician for the NIH grant. He blew the whistle after realizing that measurements used to demonstrate the reliability of the study had been secretly altered. Without these alterations, Dr. Jones explained, there was no statistical significance to the major findings of the study. When he insisted that the altered measurements be subjected to an independent reliability study, and that the manipulated results could not be presented as part of a $15 million federal grant extension application, he was terminated and his career came to an end.

Statin Wars

Companies tussle over market share for anti-cholesterol drug Lipitor® and its generic equal

Anti-cholesterol drug Lipitor® (atorvastatin) has been estimated to generate Pfizer revenues of more than $130bn worldwide. Australian taxpayers' share of this is about $7bn, through subsidies from the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

On April 1, 2012, the first generic version of atorvastatin became available on the PBS -- Trovas® sponsored by Ranbaxy Australia Pty Ltd. In response, Pfizer produced its own generic version of atorvastatin while continuing to market Lipitor®.

More generic competitors to Lipitor®, (14 in all) are poised to enter the Australian market. And, not surprisingly, a promotional war has broken out. Originally it targeted pharmacists but, more recently, it's moved into the public domain.

On May 6, 2012, Pfizer ran a full-page advertisement in the Sunday Telegraph and other media headed, "A message to the more than 1 million patients prescribed Lipitor®." It went on to say, "Pfizer has received many inquiries from patients who have been informed that Lipitor is no longer available. This is not true. Lipitor is and will continue to be available. If you have any concerns please contact your doctor or pharmacist."


Pres Obama Continues America's Perpetual State Of Emergency - [VIDEO]

Dave King Bass Etude No.1 - [VIDEO]

Assessing the risk of climate change - CBS News Video

Chris Hedges: NDAA Ruling 'Monumental Decision' - [VIDEO]

Panetta speaks at LOST

'Crushing Bahrain revolution crucial to war plans against Iran' - [VIDEO]

More Violence In The Streets Of Montreal - [VIDEO]

RIP Disco Queen Donna Summer Dies At 63 - [VIDEO]

"Antisemitic Neo Nazis" Sworn Into Greek Transitional Government - [VIDEO]

U.S.-France Relations - C-SPAN Video Library

Haiku Herman-Whatever it takes!

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The next frontier in search is to understand real-world things and-the relationships among them. So we're building a Knowledge-Graph: a huge collection of the people, places and things in the world and how they're connected to one another.

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President Obama discusses some of the issues on the agenda for the first working session of the G8 meeting at Camp David.

President Obama Speaks on Food Security at G8 Meeting | The White House


Louie Gohmert Explains Why Indefinite Detention Without Trial Is Just Fine - [VIDEO]

Tonight on AC360: Anderson Cooper live at the Syria/Turkey border -- Anderson Cooper 360 - Blogs